Computer Data & Hard Disc Recovery

Lost your files? Had your Hard Disc fail on a Laptop or Desktop computer? Don't worry, you won't be the first or the last person who calls us in a panic! Fortunately, we can help with this, and are able to recover data from Hard Discs, External Drives etc for you in the vast majority of cases - and the sooner we're asked to help, the more likely it is - especially if the equipment is failing.

Alternatively, if all is working at the moment but you are concerned about things going wrong and want to have a robust and comprehensive Backup opton our team can work with you to make sure you've got an adequate backup solution - all too often we encounter small businesses that thought they were covered only to find out they weren't, and it's usually relatively straightforward to put right. We're passionate about making sure companies don't become victims so we're happy to help your business too.

To find out more, call us on 01392 879003 or make an Enquiry Online.

Other Services:

  • IT Support Plans Choose Ad-Hoc, Occasional or Regular Plans to suit you
  • Security & Protection Guard against potential issues and avoid being a malware, ransomware or virus victim
  • Data Recovery & Backup Services We'll help you Backup your Data - and if the worst has already happened, recover it again!
  • Broadband Installation & Troubleshooting Help with Broadband Reliability and Speed Issues, or providing more advanced Broadband for your business
  • Networking (including Wireless) (Cabling Installation in a Home or Business, Wireless Installation and Troubleshooting etc)
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What customers say:

"Laptop was fixed for a great price after only a few hours."

"I expect that BlueRibbon has extended my aging laptop's lifespan by one third."

"Excellent service, honest & helpful advice were given."

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Did you know?

If you've spilt liquid on your laptop, we can normally repair it!