Networking, Installation and Wireless

If you're looking for Network Installation, either Cabled or Wireless, then Blue Ribbon can help you. Whether you're looking to install proper network cabling in your offices, perhaps as part of an office move or relocation, or want a reliable network setup in your home for all your gadgets, Smart TVs and so on, Blue Ribbon have years of experience in installation of networking.

Maybe you've got a wireless setup that just isn't working reliably or at any speed, or perhaps need better coverage to work in a difficult building or larger home. You might even be looking to provide Wireless Services to visitors, guests or patrons of your business or organisation.

No matter what you're looking for, we can help with professional networking services.

We're often asked to help with:

  • Wireless Coverage and Speed Improvements and Troubleshooting
  • Getting wireless connections to work in other rooms/buildings/gardens
  • Installation of structured cabling to support Smart TVs and other "smart home" devices
  • Installing Network Cabling in Offices, Factories and Server Rooms - especially as part of expansions and office moves/relocations
  • Upgrading an existing network so you can have considerably better speeds and reliability
  • Setting up secure, high performance Wireless Infrastructure for Staff and/or Visitor use
  • Troubleshooting Broadband Issues that are blamed on network issues

Whatever you need, let the team at Blue Ribbon help you, it just takes a call to 01392 879003. Alternatively fill in the online enquiry form.

Other Services:

  • IT Support Plans Choose Ad-Hoc, Occasional or Regular Plans to suit you
  • Security & Protection Guard against potential issues and avoid being a malware, ransomware or virus victim
  • Data Recovery & Backup Services We'll help you Backup your Data - and if the worst has already happened, recover it again!
  • Broadband Installation & Troubleshooting Help with Broadband Reliability and Speed Issues, or providing more advanced Broadband for your business
  • Networking (including Wireless) (Cabling Installation in a Home or Business, Wireless Installation and Troubleshooting etc)
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What customers say:

"Laptop was fixed for a great price after only a few hours."

"I expect that BlueRibbon has extended my aging laptop's lifespan by one third."

"Excellent service, honest & helpful advice were given."

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